Closed Sessions
a short,
twitterized, poetic,
theatrical scene

‪(A dimly lit room.)

‪What do we do?‬

Rich Madman:‬
‪Nothing. Continue as you are.
Complain. Bicker. Debate. Fight.‬
Prey on those in distress.
Pretend to pray for healing.

‪What will you do?‬

Rich Madman:‬
‪Repeat & Repeat‬ & Repeat
‪Reminding people‬
‪What they should fear!‬
Making a mockery of media
A game used to confuse
Confound the educated
Ignite the ignorant
Drain the working weary!

What should they be fearing?

Rich Madman:
Each other!
Lead them
With their own emotions!
Let their hate
Guide them
Deep into oblivion!
As they fight
Amongst themselves
We will increase
Our fortunes
Feasting on their Misery!
We shall drink their tears!

Hail! Hail, these golden words!
Hail, our golden fat-calf leader’s
Red-stained, tainted tiny hands!

(Voices chant with wild howls
as hands rise into the air
with animalistic fervor.)




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