Twitterization desires to cultivate and support artists.  We delight in poetry, flash fiction, photography, painting, multi-media, and the list could go on.  We appreciate artists that ask questions, explore language, experiment with structure, or focus on formal structures of the written language.  We are striving to build a civil community of discussion, ideas, thoughts, peaceful listeners, respectful debaters, and a safe space for artists to express and share their work.

Twitter has become an interesting tool with a limited amount of characters forcing one to be creative within its restrictive nature. With the new administration in America taking over the oval office, insisting it is actually a square based on evidence from alternative facts, and seeming to prefer communicating in simple repetitious messages, it also seems appropriate to have a site entitled “Twitterization” in a nation of endless tweets and an alarming acceptance of “alternative facts”, supposedly resisting “fake news”.

The interests of this site is to enjoy and celebrate the creativity it requires to create poetry within the boundaries of a limited number of characters. Limitations can often harvest bountiful artistry.  We are not bound by “short micro-poems.”  We embrace lengthier work. The hope is to highlight the beautiful words and imagery from an eclectic group of writers that are often drowned out by the madness of ignorance and hate. These electronic pages are a voice for the voiceless. A reminder the heart is heavier and of more worth than hate.

Let the Twitterization Nation Begin!