Who is running this thing?

Founder, Writer, Photographer:
Ryan Schaufler

“Mr. Schaufler received a BFA from California Institute of the Arts in Acting. He has performed throughout the country working as a professional actor for over 20 years. As a poet, he recently completed a chapbook and a full length book of poetry. He has been blessed to work for one of LA’s premier classical theatre companies A Noise Within, as well as the Stella Adler Theatre, and was a member of The Other Side Theatre in Portland, Oregon. He has worked as a director, poet, and playwright having work produced at the Los Angeles Greenway Court Theatre and directing shows in the Wisconsin area. He completed his fifth season as a voice-over artist with the radio show ‘The Brinkman Adventures.’ He took time away from acting to focus on writing, directing, photographic art projects, teaching, and being a father. His photography can be seen in Rattle’s Ekphrastic Challenge, Pithead Chapel (2017 September cover, which was a collaboration with his daughter), The Perch, Cream City Review, and other venues. His short play will be published in a forthcoming issue of Southern Indiana Review. For 10 years  Mr. Schaufler has been collaborating with Above the Clouds, an inner city program, bringing the arts to disadvantaged children free of charge. Currently, he works as a Special Education teacher, theatre instructor, as well as a working artist.”

Editor, Wordsmith, Grumpy Recluse:
Eugene Wreck

“Mr. Wreck is pleased to be assisting with the launch of Twitterization. He is a private, shy introvert with a deep love for reading a wide range of various forms of literature from a diverse array of writers. He is known for providing helpful critiques and advice using only one or two words at a time to get his point across. When asked for a bio to describe himself and background, his response was: I’m old.”