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What time is it?  It’s our August Guest Poet premier!  Each day enjoy a poem by one of our guest poets!  A perfect way to end the summer!


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Photograph Ryan Schaufler 2017
Photograph Ryan Schaufler 2017

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New Year’s Resolution: READ POETRY

New Year’s Resolution: READ POETRY

photograph by ryan schaufler (2017)

This has been an interesting year (for many, a year of struggle & heartache), to say the least. But, it has also been a year of amazing poets sharing important work that asks questions and challenges the reader to investigate the world outside our own mortal coil. The following list contains books of poetry published in the past couple of years (2013-2017) that is worth your attention. It is not a best of… or, definitive… it is simply a short list of books and chapbooks containing fascinating poetry that challenge, explore, explain, question & attempt to help us understand (or, get through) the complicated world transformation we are experiencing today.

Poetry is often a message from a friend the reader never had the opportunity to meet (perhaps because of differing places of birth or differing centuries of life lived). Poetry crosses time and place with the powerful ability of linking souls. It is also a barometer for the time. The following books have helped provide future readers a temperature of our time (and what change of seasons we have felt). May we all reflect, read, write, and reflect some more.

Be a voice. Listen. Allow your soul to be intertwined with that of another.

Eugene Wreck (editor, 2017/Issue 1)
Ryan Schaufler

Our List: Books of Poetry & Poets You Should Be Aware Of

photograph by ryan schaufler (2017)

Blue Hallelujahs
By Cynthia Manick
76 pp. Black Lawrence Press (2016)

By Tiana Clark
42 pp. Bull City Press (2016)

Good Bones
By Maggie Smith
114 pp. Tupelo Press (2017)

Pestiferous Questions
A Life In Poems
By Margaret Rozga
123 pp. Lit Fest Press (2017)

Calling A Wolf A Wolf
By Kavah Akbar
89 pp. Alice James Books (2017)

The Wug Test
By Jennifer Kronovet
83 pp. HarperCollins (2016)

A Catalogue of the Further Suns
By F.J. Bergmann
35 pp. Gold Line Press (2017)

By Jennifer Givhan
35 pp. Glass Poetry Press (2017)

How to Cook a Ghost
By Logan February
29 pp. Glass Poetry Press (2017)

Mountain Redemption
By Nick McRae
42 pp. Black Lawrence Press (2013)

I AM the Maker of all sweetened possum
poetry found in Scarlet Sister Mary
By James W. Moore
64 pp. Silver Birch Press (2014)
[perhaps the most creative intro by an author I have ever read]

By Neil Aitken
23 pp. Hyacinth Girl Press (2016)

Commotion of the Birds
By John Ashbery
100 pp. HarperCollins (2016)

Stationed Near the Gateway
By Margaret Bashaar
82 pp. Sundress Publications (2015)

{New and Selected}
By Ron Rash
171 pp. HarperCollins

The Prisoners
By Ace Boggess
112 pp. Brick Road Poetry Press ( 2014)

& his follow up (part 2)

Ultra Deep Field
By Ace Boggess
124 pp. Brick Road Poetry Press (2017)

Coming in to Land
Selected Poems 1975-2015
By Andrew Motion
179 pp. HarperCollins (2017)

Scar On/Scar Off
By Jennifer Maritza McCauley
80 pp. Stalking Horse Press (2017)


We are a big fan of Rattle and the wonderful platform they provide for poets (led by editor Timothy Green). In addition to publishing an eclectic journal filled with diverse voices from around the world, Rattle publishes at least one chapbook each year. Thus, we wanted to provide a short list of chapbook recommendations that we particularly enjoyed from The Rattle Foundation’s catalogue. To see the entire list and/or order one of these fantastic collections, visit their website:

By Denise Miller
35 pp. Rattle (2016)

In America
By Diana Goetsch
35 pp. Rattle (2017)

3arabi Song
By Zeina Hashem Beck
39 pp. Rattle (2016)

The Whetting Stone
By Taylor Mali
31 pp. Rattle (2017)
FYI – He’s this guy:
“What Teachers Make” by Taylor Mali
“Totally like whatever, you know” by Taylor Mali